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One Off Presentations

How much does a one off speech or presentation cost?

All our one off speeches and presentations are individually quoted based on discussions with you and your needs. Please Contact Us using our online enquiry form and we will get back to you with a tailored quote.

How many people/students can you speak to?

David can speak to a range of audiences depending on suitability and needs. This is reflected in our pricing. David has spoken to audiences as small as 5 people and audiences as large as 2000+ people.

Do you offer presentations & speeches to teachers/organisations?

We certainly do! Please Contact Us and specify your location, date & time, audience size and topic and we will get back to you with how we can help.

What kind of AV (Audio Visual) equipment is needed?

Depending on the size of the audience and venue location David will require different equipment. In most cases, we require a... - HDMI cable and input (if using a screen) or VGA cord - Microphone & Sound System (if audience is over 50+ people) - Data Projector (to display Presentation Slides)

What type of venue is best for a speech?

Our preference for a presentation is a school theatre/lecture theatre. This allows us to darken lighting and improve the quality of the presentation. Presentations tend to be difficult and lower quality in gymnasiums.

What time do your arrive for speeches?

David will arrive at your venue at least 30 minutes prior to the presentation to meet with you. For school presentations, AV connection and preparation usually takes an average of 15 minutes.

What topics can you speak about?

Most of David's speeches cover topics focused on modern self development, productivity, social media and leadership. If you have a particular topic please include it on your enquiry form when you Contact Us and we'll do our best to accomodate this.

What year groups/ages can you speak to?

David can present to all ages and all year groups. Most of his school bookings are for years 5 - 12 but he also often presents to parents, organisations, companies, universities and local youth groups as well.

What is David's introduction bio?

David Castelanelli (Phonetic Spelling & Pronounced: CAST-ELLA-NELLY) If this is your first session, David will introduce himself and explain his own mission at the start of the presentation. If you would like to formerly introduce David, his official bio is below... "David is a leading Success Coach & Mentor for young adults. He was formerly the WA Youth Ambassador in 2018 and also a finalist in the 2019 WA Youth Awards. David was awarded the John Curtin Scholarship at Curtin University. He has also completed graduate credit studies at Harvard University in Leadership & Public Speaking. David has been voted as one of Australia's Top 100 Young Leaders and is currently appointed to the Minister's Youth Advisory Council"

What staff presence is required at the presentation?

The normal student/teacher ratio is required during all presentations (as per normal assembly guidelines). Many staff have personally benefitted from watching David's presentations and continue to follow up with students by referring back to his content.

What do students need to bring with them to the presentation?

We recommend that students bring a pen and notebook to the presentation. Students often take notes on important concepts and theories which they can refer back to later. Detailed booklets are provided for students during our full day programs.

When do we have to pay for the presentation?

All of our presentations are required to be paid in full at least seven (7) days prior to the presentation date. If there are any issues with this policy, please contact our finance administrator via

How do I confirm my booking?

Once you have completed our official Booking Form we will send you a CONFIRMATION EMAIL to notify you of confirmation.

When do I receive any additional resources?

If your presentation includes additional resources, you will receive these via email on the day of presentation. Survey results are usually emailed out 48 hours after the presentation if the students have been given immediate access to the survey.

Long Term Programs

How long does the program go for and what time does it run?

Most of our programs run for 8 weeks for an hour either directly after school or during the day. If you have a particular request for a different duration or time please Contact Us using our enquiry form and we'll do our best to accomodate your needs.

How much does it cost?

Our programs are individual and tailored to particular schools & organisations needs and numbers. For a quote please Contact Us and we will be in touch to organise a customised quote for you.

What is the maximum capacity for programs?

To achieve optimal change and results our classes are usually limited to 40 students maximum. If you have a desire for to have a greater amount of students please Contact Us and we can arrange to discuss how we can make this possible.

What topics do your programs cover?

For more information on our long term programs please visit our Programs page. One of our long term programs (PEAK) focuses on self development skills, whilst our second long term program (ASCEND) focuses on leadership skills.

What type of venue is best for the program?

Our preferred venue for long term programs is a large classroom (fits up to 40 people) that is relatively close to an oval or break out space. This allows us to run interactive activities with students.

What ages/year groups are the programs available to?

Our programs are targeted predominantly at primary & high school students ranging from years 7 - 12. We also offer our long term programs to organisations and councils for a whole range of ages. Please Contact Us and we'd be happy to discuss our options and find a fit for your needs.

How many presenters attend the programs?

We try to establish a good relationship and constant contact between our presenters and their audience and hence try to keep the same presenter through-out the entire program. Most of our programs run with 1-2 presenters depending on availability and needs.

How do you measure the results/performance of the programs?

Our program results are measured using a range of qualitative and quantitate data sources. Students complete an online diagnostic in the first and last weeks of the program to determine growth and tangible changes. Students also complete a detailed feedback and reflection form in their final week of the program. This feedback is then available to the school, teacher, parents and organisation.

What kind of AV (Audio Visual) equipment is needed?

For most long term programs, we require a... - HDMI cable and input (if using a screen) or VGA cord - Data Projector (to display Presentation Slides)

What qualifications does your team have?

All our presenters and event team members have current Working With Children Checks. Our team have been running programs and events for years and are all highly experienced working with students and youth. All of our presenters have completed internal public speaking training and coaching with David personally.

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