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Terms & Conditions

Cookie Monsta T&Cs

  1. Cookie Monsta takes no responsibility for storage of unattended products if premises are unattended at time of delivery.

  2. A redelivery surcharge is applicable if the delivery address is incorrect and customer wishes to opt for a redelivery.

  3. To uphold our high standards for all our products, we reserve the right to decide whether or not it is suitable for us to leave the goods unattended.

  4. In instances where the intended recipient is not available to take delivery of the goods during the chosen timeframe and we deem it not suitable for us to leave the goods at the location due to variable circumstances i.e exposure to weather, direct sunlight, ants etc. We will take the order back to our store where pick up is available during our normal trading hours.

  5. If we cannot find a suitable location to leave an order, we will contact you to let you know. Re-delivery can be made, however it will attract an additional fee. Every attempt will be made to re-deliver the arrangement on the same day, however this is usually not possible, so the order will be re-delivered the following business day.

  6. Deliveries will be made within 24 hours of the scheduled delivery timeframe and a maximum of 3 business days.

  7. If you have not received your order within 3 business days, you must urgently contact a member of our team via email so that we can assist in resolving the situation.

  8. Customers will be liable to forfeit the full amount of their order, and/or pay additional re-delivery fees in the event that your order is deemed as undeliverable. 

Situations where we will deem arrangements as being undeliverable, at customer fault include (but are not limited to):

  • Apartment buildings with restricted access and no-one is home;

  • Home’s with no sheltered area to leave arrangement and no-one is home;

  • No-one present at a business address and the premises is locked;

  • Patient has already been discharged from hospital;

  • Any other situation where we are unable to safely and securely deliver arrangement.

Hospital Deliveries

Our delivery drivers are given strict instructions not to enter patient’s private rooms, so as to not interfere with any treating doctors or nurses that may be present, or to ensure that they do not disturb their rest. All cookies delivered to hospital patients will be left with a nurse, ward clerk, or other administrative personnel at the reception of the relevant hospital ward. 

The delivery driver will take a note of the name of the person who has taken delivery of the cookies. Once delivered to the relevant desk or reception area, the cookies are no longer the responsibility of Cookie Monsta and will not be replaced or refunded if they are lost or damaged in transit to the recipient’s room. 

Refunds & Exchange Policy

We aim to please every customer, however if you are not entirely satisfied with your order please let us know. We appreciate constructive criticism and encourage direct feedback to us via email or phone. If you are not satisfied please contact our Team. Only orders that have been delivered or received in store in a faulty manner, such as cookies that are destroyed in appearance or inedible, may receive a full refund up to our discretion. Once the cookies have been picked up by the customer or delivered, it is the responsibility of the customer to treat the product with care until required.


  1. If cancelling your order, notification must be given no later than 48 hours before order is to be delivered or picked up.

  2. If cancelling order and notification is given later than 48 hours the day before order is scheduled to be delivered or picked up, no refund will be given as your order will be in production and costs of production occur from this time.

  3. Cakes or any custom made orders require 5 working days notice of cancellation depending on individual orders. Costs may occur depending on custom products already produced.

  4. A 25% cancellation fee of your total order will be charged for cancellations.

  5. Cookie Monsta takes no responsibility for storage of unattended products if premises are unattended at time of delivery.


Our rights are reserved as follows

  1. Products will not be left with customer if requesting a refund or exchange.

  2. We reserve the right not to accept an order.

  3. No refund or exchange will be considered unless product is returned in its entirety, e.g. no half eaten cookies will be accepted.

  4. For our creative expression and we will do our best to capture individual requirements.

  5. We will make adjustments to products as we feel necessary. However we do our best to capture individual expectations, but it is understood that sometimes this is not fully possible.

  6. A 25% administration fee will occur for any changes made to order with less than 24 hours notice. Please make every endeavour to ensure that the product type, message, date and delivery address are correct before you place your order.

We aim to satisfy all our customers however we are unable to accept returns if a flavour does not match your personal taste preference but we certainly welcome you to submit your feedback.

Cookie Monsta reserves the right to make amendments to our online store Terms & Conditions and Refund and Exchange Policies at any time, without notice or consequence. It is the responsibility of the customer to remain up to date with any changes made. The most current version of our Terms will always be published on our website and any changes will take effect immediately from their time of publication.

If there are any questions regarding these delivery terms & conditions or Refund and Exchange Policies you may contact us.

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